Top Five Most Underrated Rap Artists Ever!

What really sucks about the rap game is that some of the nicest MC’s do not receive the merit they deserve. I am not here to talk trash about this new generation of Hip-Hop, truth be told Hip-Hop is a rebellious young man’s sport and whatever sound spawns from the youth should be considered as authentic.

The rap game went commercial but for the most part the dopest MC’s reside at the top, but, there are a host of MC’s who are “dead nice” who do not seem to get their just recognition.

Yes there are plenty of underrated artist but the below list is comprised of artist who if mentioned in the Top 10 if all time wouldn’t be a shocker – they can make a case.

Here is a list of my 5 most underrated artist ever in no particular order:





I'm from the school of hard knocks, sneak peeks and low blows //Where X's mark spots and kitchens mark O's //Where love is gon' getcha and hate is gon' snitch ya //And fingers squeeze triggers like boa constrictors

This spot goes to the rapper out of ATL – Ludadcris has always been a lyrical monster but often gets overlooked because of his over animated delivery. But besides being lyrical he also is a dope album and hit maker. He has sharp bars, good content abstract music videos and knows how to make hit records so if we were in the Barbershop and you told me that you had Ludacris aka Cris Lova Lova in your Top 10 I wouldn’t say you were whylin.



Royce Da 5’9”



Rappers im your daddy I tell you straight at this// you wont kill but your father Will like Jaden Smith // I will tell you like I tell my Spanish chick // you fly but im not going down on no landing strip // so get ur wax son like Danielson//

If you are an Eminem fan then you know exactly who Royce is. There is not too many artist who can lyrically spar with Eminem but Royce is definitely one who can. Here is a fun fact, Jay-z Renegades track was originally Royce’s beat but he gave it to Eminen because Jay wanted to collab with Shady. Even though that song is a classic it would have been crazy to hear a Royce verse. If you are a fan of Shock Rap and put Eminem in your Top 10 then besides the commercial success Royce da 5’9 is right there.






I don’t need to pick up tracks// I choose to do it //I’m fluent, I crack it to the rooster roostin’// This for carjackers, and boosters boostin

I’m from Jersey so everyone from Jersey knows that’s Reggie is a problem. Whenever you have multiple commercially success dope artist, acts, athletes saying that Redman is in their Top 5 then you know you got the juice. I don’t know why Red doesn’t get recognized more often – and to all you fake fans, Redman is NOT an official member of the Wu-Tang Clan. It’s all love between the two camps but he is not affiliated officially.






The saddest stories comes from those who once had the glory. Had the foreigns, diamond watches and the baddest shorties. Now they in their latter 40s, bunch of kids, scattered shorties. No respect from the neglect, they call they daddy Corey”

Fab has to be considered as one of the best punchline rappers of all time, there are very few who rival him and even less who have consistently done it over substantial amount of time. I personally enjoy Mixtape and Feature Fab, I believe that is when he really gets into his bag and displays his lyrically capability. Even though he has never been nominated for a solo Grammy if you are a Hip Hop head then you already know what the deal is.





We're all in the same game, just different levels. Dealing with the same hell, just different devils.

J to the Muah, Jason, or the Kid from the LOX. Personally Kiss makes my Top 10, smooth delivery, witty punchlines, ill stories - in the booth there is no doubt he holds his own against anybody. When I think about it I’ve have never heard a whack verse from Kiss. Fun Fact: Before being known as the LOX, the group was first called “The Bomb Squad” then “The Warlocks”.


There goes my Top 5 most underrated rappers of all time who are yours leave a comments.









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