If I were to hand you a rapper starter kit what do you think it would contain; dope kicks, jewelry/accessories, shades, fashionable shirt (but that would be optional to wear) & a blunt.

Weed, pot, herb, grass, gas, chronic, green etc... whatever you call it has always been a dynamo in the creative process for artists. Biggie said in the creation of his 1st Album “Ready To Die” that it was mostly the chronic talking. Now not all artist smoke, however, most do, some love the plant so much they have created their own strain. We have a lot of casual smokers that we could name but why do that. In this list we will name the top five rappers who clearly smoke beyond recreational use, it has become a part of their DNA.



The Top 5 Smokers in the Game


5. Curren$y

My guy Curren$y the Hot Spitta has never been one to hide his love for the green, if you don’t believe me just listen to his track titled “Rapper Weed”.

Fun fact, Curren$y missed Wiz Khalifa’s wedding because he was too high, his favorite strains are Diamond Mars & O.G. Mars.


4. Redman & Method Man

Red & Meth have never been casual smokers, they had movie titled “How High” where the premise was them getting exceptionally high grades after smoking their dead homie who came back as a ghost to help them cheat on tests at Harvard University- classic flick, must see.

Not to mention one of my favorite songs by the duo is also titled “How High” feat Toni Braxton. 




For y’all youngins who don’t know who Kurupt is he 1/2 of legendary “The Dogg Pound” group.

Most artist started to realize that instead of smoking weed they can profit from it legally as well. Kurupt was the 1st rapper to have his own strain - “Moonrock”.

From what I heard “Moonrock” is the strongest strain on the market and should not be smoked by casual/new smokers. 



 2. Wiz Khalifa

The rapper from Pittsburg has a very open and candid relationship with weed he stated in an interview that “the world would be a better place if weed were legal”.

The rapper self-reports that spends 10k a month on that fire green.

Like Kurupt, Wiz also has a strain called “Khalifa Kush” which manages to put its users in a euphoric state - no wonder why Wiz is always so happy. 



1.Snoop Dog

As I’m rolling down the street smoking indo sipping on gin and juice. This shouldn’t be a surprise the Uncle Snoop takes the number one spot.

Fun fact: Snoop has admitted that no one in Hip Hop can out smoke him, however, the only artist who successfully out smoked the Big Homie was country singer Willie Nelson.

Another fun fact when you are a legend like Snoop you get strains named after you “Snoop Dogg O.G.” is a 70% indica dominant hybrid which contains genetics from Lemon O.G. and Sour Diesel. Salute to Snoop and the Iron Lungs. 


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