Top 3 Attributes That Rappers Must Have!

So you want to rhyme, if you look at the best artist among any genre of music they all seem to have similar elements across the board which gives them their illuminating persona. Great music will always trump any image but you cannot negate that the best/most popular artist have had captivating personalities as well.


Here are the Top 3 Attributes that every Hip-Hop Artist/Rapper Must Have:


Your style is the manner in which you do something, it could be how you dress, speak, the way you express yourself. When a fan/supporter looks at you they should be able to assess your style distinctly. When you think of Tupac or DMX you think of tattoos, no shirt & bandanas. 93% of our communication is non-verbal, majority of the time people are forming their opinions from an image. You must make sure that your artist brand is conveying the image that you want to portray.




Charismatic can be used to describe ANY Hip Hop great, having the ability to engage others whether it be on a track or interview is a very important quality to have. The Uncle Snoop Dog exemplifies this virtue effortlessly. He can practically walk into any room and capture the moment – I don’t know too many rappers that can host a home goods/cooking show with Martha Stewart and be entertaining. You cannot have charisma without confidence, you must trust in your abilities as an artist. Criticism is something that you are going to have to get accustomed to (good and bad) be sure to have thick skin, take what you can and grow from each experience. When an artist is confident in their music and driven with a purpose that charismatic quality will shine through.




Unfortunately this last quality cannot be taught – every great artist must have a great voice. Your voice is unique and distinctly recognizable. When Biggie was on a track his presence was felt and you can clearly recognize him from anyone else. If you do have a good voice – now your job is hone in and maximize your potential. Write as much as possible, work on different deliveries master different flow and get comfortable in the booth. If you want to be great you have to put in the time, in an interview Camron said that Juelz Santana would write a song or a verse once a day – not only did that strengthen his pen game but also perfected his style and his voice. Once you get comfortable with your voice they sky is the limit - BIGGIE




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