There are six different muscles that make up the anterior abdominal wall (rectus-abdominis) you might refer to them as 6 pack. The abdominal muscles on your side two external and two interior as well as the transverse abdominal muscle make up your obliques.

Now that you have some background on the anatomy of the abdominal muscles here is how you get them to show. Diet, Cardio, Strength Training and Protein – I know a lot of trainers love to make it sound so complex but that is the science behind it all.

You do not have to be the worlds most strongest man or woman for your 6 pack to show, just make sure your body fat is low 12% for Men - 15% for Women.

No matter how many crunches you do you will never get your abs to show if you do not burn that layer of fat on top of it, the absolute best way to combat that is your diet, a protein source and greens should be your best friend. Don’t forget the water, put the soda artificial juices down.

To help speed up this process you must get moving with some cardio which is great for your overall health as well. 3 days a week minimum combined with 20-minute intervals.

You must strength train your abs as well, most believe that doing high reps will help in getting those abs to show but truth is your abs are muscles and need adequate resistance. Keep your exercises fun, some days do high reps and other add weights to make workouts more challenging.

Make sure you properly refuel, protein contains an incredible range of essential amino acids, which are absorbed quickly help you increase strength, gain muscle and lose body fat.

Lastly, consistency – depending on where you are at and your level of dedication everyone’s journey is different, do not get discouraged. Remember all you need to get is to get you body fat percentage down, its easy, the hard-work is putting in the work.


  • To have visible abs your body fat must be a certain percentage.
    • 15% for Women
    • 12 % for Men
  • Must eat a proper diet.
  • Cardio 3 days a week minimum, for 20 minutes.
  • Must incorporate resistance - add weights to your workouts.
  • Get enough protein to properly replenish your muscles. 


Here is a diagram or all the various workouts you can incorporate on you journey.

PLEASE NOTE* none of this matters without the proper nutrition, training & rest, do not forget to drink your water.


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