The Nascar of Rap - Fastest Rappers of All Time!


I knew that rapping fast was a style (and a true skill) but I didn’t that flow had a name called “Choppa Style”.

Makes sense since a chopper (AK-47) can spit out fully loaded magazine clips in seconds.

There have been a lot of rappers who perfected the fast flow but there are only a handful who reach the rapgod level in this category. How you get to this level is being able to clearly rap 10 syllables or more per second.



 Here are the Top 5 fastest rappers/spitters in the game, Choppa Style.


5. Tech N9ne

The Kanas City rapper has always been a fast rapper. Initially when entering the game he confirmed that his stage name came from the Tech-9 Semi-Automatic Hand Gun, if you don’t know automatic guns shoot bullets rapidly.

Fun Fact: Tech stated that in his early child hood that he rapped his name in his rhymes only to remember how to spell it.


4. Bizzy Bone

If you are a fan of Bone Thugs then y’all already know how Bizzy is giving it up. What I like most about Bizzy is that we know he can rap circles around most artist but he also has melodies and harmonies as well - no pun intended.

Fun Fact: Bizzy Bone solo album Heaven’z Movie went certified platinum by the RIAA.


 3. Krayzie Bone


Keeping it in Cleveland we cannot forget Krayzie. The group Bone - Thugs has experienced huge success over the years, but, Krayzie solo career might be equally as successful.

He has not put the pen down and still continues to collab as well as ghost write for many artist today.

Fun Fact: His collaboration with Chamillionaire earned him a 2nd Grammy for best Rap Performance by a Duo.



2. Busta Rhymes 

A hip hop legend, out of everyone on this list Busta Rhymes has the most hits and classic records.

The ability to piece together complex rhyme schemes while rapping them at supersonic speeds and making it a great track is true talent.

Busta has never been one to shy away from his creative side, his videos are abstract and leave you in anticipation for his next visual.

Fun Fact: The legendary Chuck D from EPMD was the one who gave “Busta Rhymes” his name.


1. Twista 

You know you can rap fast when the Guinness Book of World Records acknowledges you. There are still some verses from the Chicago rapper where I just can’t keep up.

There is no shortage of music in regard to Twista, he still continues to drop content and release albums. He stated that he has other music ventures, but music is his first love.

Fun Fact: He hit the top of the charts with his album Kamikaze after the single "Slow Jamz" was released in 2004.


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