The Importance Of Lauren Hill

Musical genius are the words that come to mind when I think of Lauren Hill. Dropping her album discussing topics such as womanhood, black femininity, and self-love at a time when most rap lyrics were misogynistic, materialistic and violent was something that the game was not expecting.


We all knew that Lauren could sing just as well as she could rap, learned that in her Fu-Gee days, but when the group announced their break up back in 1997 we had no idea that a year later we would be given an album that would stand the test of time.


The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is hands down one of the best albums of all times, the substance, intensity, rhythm, and harmonies, sends you into a sonic catalepsy which very few artist can accomplish.


The album is so important because it changed the narrative not only just in rap but of the Black Woman as well, she was the first non-traditional female Rapper/ R&B artist who had soul but did have to sell their soul to sell records. She never compromised her look, and her message of love and positivity was something of value rather than material gain.


She was nominated for 10 Grammy Awards and won 5, in my eyes she is one of the best to do it even only releasing 1 album, plus she is from Jersey.


Happy 20th Birthday to “The Miseducation of Lauren Hill” a true classic, we need more artist like Lauren.





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