The Come Up! - Kultur3

Artist Name: Kultur3
Location: Detroit, MI
Genre: POP & Hip Hop
IG: @_kultur3
1.When did you know that you wanted to be an Artist? 

I knew i wanted to become an artist when i saw heavy d on the t.v screen. Lol his moves and songs was so smooth i felt like i could do it too.


2. What is your favorite song line, lyric or bar written by you? 

My favorite line or bar written by me would have to be when i said “They don’t hear me when i talk so i stoop to they level talk about the h**s i f**k and all the gold in my bezel".


3. Advice to other Artist on the Come Up? 

My advice to other artist on the come up is to stay true to you, Make good music and enjoy life as much as you can. Oh and Never quit or give on what you're trying to accomplish.




Where are you from?

Detroit, MI


Who is Kultur3?

Kultur3 is a very talented creative with a lot to offer.. His ear and mindset for music is amazing, as soon as you think you have him figured out he does something that throws your whole thought process of him to the left, keeps you interested that’s for sure. His stage presents is a sight to see as well he’s one of those artist you see for the first time not knowing any of their music and instant say this guy is truly gifted.


What inspired you to become Kultur3?

To be totally honest i didn't start out as a rapper my moms listens to a lot of Prince, Mj, O’ jays, New edition, Heavy D just to name a few, so at first I tried to follow that type of trend. There wasn’t much talent there Lol; She also played rap music but I didn't really pay attention to it as much Until I got a little older. She played Slick rick and Dougie Fresh “The Show” and it was over Lol!. As time went on, my older brothers always played trap music, that never caught my attention either. Until my older cousin played Wiz Khalifa then from there I heard PHARRELL (Biggest influence) AND LUPE FIASCO THEN I became KULTUR3

What’s “Pull Up” about?

Pull Up is about being able to pull up with your shooter or your best friend or anyone close to you.. Like having that one person you can always count on to do daring and fun things with you.


What inspired “Pull Up”?

I was always into like that rockstar hip-hop vibe from listening to Pharrell or N.E.R.D and Lupe so i wanted a song similar to that, but also have a relatable vibe to a everyday action relating to me so I think Pull Up fits just that!


Where do you plan to go from here?

I plan on being as big as Drake or my hometown hero Big Sean.. I know it's kind of cocky to say something like that with a long way to go but I feel I have the potential to raise to that status. People have yet to see what i can really offer, I surprise myself sometimes.


Who are your influences in the game and in your personal life?

Top 5 influences: Pharrell (of course), Lupe, Nas, Wiz khalifa, J. Cole, Kendrick, Nipsey i did say top 5 lol umm personal life: Quez is my biggest, My older cousin he also does music.


If you could compare yourself to an already established artist, who would that be and why?

I personally wouldn’t compare myself to anyone because my name speaks for itself that’s why i picked it. I can dibble and dab from different kultur3’s (Styles of music)


What do you want your listeners to get out of your music?

GREAT QUESTION I WANT my listeners to catch a groovy calm vibe from music. No matter what song you hear on a bad day, calm day, irritating day, or annoyed day; when u listen to Kultur3 I want them to catch a vibe or take something out of listening to me, im cool.


Previously you released your single “Lemonade”, as an artist how do you feel your mindset has changed from ‘Lemonade’ to ‘Pull Up’?

Well my mindset hasn’t changed it's still the same lemonade is a great song i wrote and its more to come just like it. I loved that sound as well as Pull Up so..


If you had to give us one word or phrase to remember Kultur3 by what would You choose?

A man with many talents, Gifted..


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