The Come Up! - DUBBLE0

Artist Name: Dubble0
Location: Houston, Tx
Genre: Hip Hop/ Rap
IG: @iamdubble0



1.When did you know that you wanted to be an Artist? 

I knew I first wanted to be an artist when I was in the 3rd grade.. I grew up around music my hood Hiramclarke birth a lot of rappers it was like either fall in love with music or fall victim to the streets where I’m from...


2. What is your favorite song line, lyric or bar written by you? 

Man this is hard because I consider myself to be a punchline artist so it’s hard to pick my favorite but if I have to pick it’ll be this line “Family Matters when your wins low” 


3. Advice to other Artist on the Come Up? 

Consistency is key and hard work beats talent when talent don’t work hard!!! 







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