It’s safe to say that I am what you would call a sneaker head, I appreciate the classic All White Air Force One’s or a fresh pair of Air Maxes, however my favorite are a fresh pair of Nike Air Jordan 11’s.

But, you know what is better than a pair of sneakers – a FRESH pair of sneakers. I never forget the line in the movie Paid In Full when Money Mitch told his little brother “you gotta keep the soles white or else you’ll be looking like a poo-putt”.

So a lot of y’all have been be asking me how I keep my kicks krispy. I only use one product and which is RESHOEVN8R (Laundry Kit System) and until somebody shows me something better I will stick with this.



A little bit about the product. * This particular product retails at $70.00 (Not for the beginner sneaker head) – but they do have cheaper products.

  • 3 Brushes– not all shoes have the same material the last you want to do is mess up your suede PUMAS because the bristles were too hard.


  • The Soapy Solution is dye free – meaning you do not have to worry about staining your kicks
    • Perfect for: Leather, Canvas, Nubuck Mesh, Suede, Mesh, Rubber, Satin material etc... 


  • Laundry Bag – if you are they type of person who like to throw your sneakers in the wash then they got you covered.


  • Shoe Trees – I am size 13, which is a pretty popular size so sometimes I will resort to a 12.5 so having adjustable shoe trees helps for a little stretching.
    • Also, when I clean my sneakers I put shoe trees in to keep the shape FYI*


  • Towel –  I always wipe my kicks down gently then let them air dry for a day or so. (Pro Tip)



Do not expect the cleaner to perform miracles, if you have a pair of 10 year old sneakers which are super stained yes the cleaner will work to some degree.

I find that this products works well on fresh stains not super old ones. I have used the laundry bag once and on a pair of mangled Chuck’s and the results were mind blowing.

I would not recommend putting Jordan’s in the Laundry, only skater kicks such as Vans & Chucks etc...


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