Shhh - Your Credit Score Is In The MIDDLE!



On your road to financial freedom you must first be financial literate. I truly do believe that the individuals who are “running” this country make it very hard to understand basic economics to keep the rich comfortable while the poor remain financially stressed.

In regards to Credit Score there are “3” bureaus who report your credit history and give it a health rating; TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. Each of them have their own check points when analyzing your payment history producing a unique score only associated with that bureau. In return you are essentially left with “3” credit scores.

99.99% of the time you will have three completely different credit scores, but when you go to make a “major” purchase (car, house, education etc.…) the loaner will only see one score out of the three.

Here is how “they” choose what credit score will be publicized:

  • Arrange Your 3 Credit Scores from Highest to Lowest.
  • The middle number is your broadcasted FICO score.


Simple right?

Credit Score Chart: 


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