Motivational Monday: The Testing before the Blessings


Have you ever felt that you were on a treadmill in life, meaning that you are constantly running but not moving anywhere? Or, do you feel that God has dealt you a bad hand and the cards of life are stacked against you?

Mindset is everything, learn to look at hiccups, setbacks, interruptions etc…in your life as a test rather than bad luck.

All of us have lofty goals – which is a great thing, but at times we fall short because we lack the self-discipline or simply just fail to learn the lesson that God has placed before us.

In a video game in order to reach the next level you must complete certain tasks, make sure you fully understand what God is trying to show you. Every obstacle in life is not meant to harm you but grow you to the person that can fully receive God's blessings.


Listen To My Man Nino Brown Break It Down (Pardon the French).






For Daily Affirmations check our Black Pearls written by Eric V. Copage:



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