Motivational Monday - Grow Like The Bamboo Tree


One thing I know majority of people can agree upon is that “life is hard”. The struggle is hard, tragedy is hard, break-ups are hard, financial strain is hard, but, the question is how will you react to it?


It’s easy to sit around mope while feeling sorry for yourself, we all handle difficulties differently - so take your time. I am hear to tell you that there is a lesson in every conflict, we may not understand what God is trying to teach us now but if embrace the hardship and confront the pain you will eventually see what he is trying to show you, while becoming a stronger person in the process.


Nothing great can come without resistance, this even holds true for the human anatomy. If you want your muscles to grow or flatten your stomach you have to workout - HARD. The reason why people give up so easily because it isn’t easy.


So wrapping this all up, we all know how hard life can be, but here is the thing, YOU WILL MAKE IT if you continue to persevere. If you don’t believe me take it from an outside source and click the video below.

Stay Positive Family!




Its Not Over Until You Win!!!


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