Motivational Monday - Confidence + Discipline + Consistency


Happy Monday family, when it came to accomplishing my dreams or setting out certain goals I use to want the easy way out, I use to wish there was a simpler way to get what I deserved out of life, sadly I was mistaken. You cannot cheat the grind, there is no short cut, stop searching for “hacks” because they don’t exist. Instead, take hold of the grind and welcome failure it is by far the greatest teacher, if you are able to embrace it, learn from it and re-strategize then you have truly learned a valuable lesson.


I am not telling your road to success will be easy, you will have setbacks and some days want to give up and throw in the towel. Do not let that be your thinking, here are some tips that I constantly engrain on my brain to keep me motivated and engaged.


Confidence – You have to remember why you started, negative thoughts & people will definitely weigh on your psyche, there should be no room for pessimism – if a plan does not work you simple re-evaluate and start over.


Discipline – YOU HAVE TO BE DISCIPLINE, everything is a process and YOUR process will be 100% different from everyone so never compare. Create a plan and stick to that plan EVERYDAY.


Consistency – Success is not luck – it is a set repeated actions over time. Remember this will not happen over night in most cases it takes years to hit a breakthrough – do not be gassed by these get rich quick schemes or fall for quick fixes. Real success = hard work + consistency.


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