As y'all know I like to travel – my recommendation to all artist is to go an travel to experience new surroundings, cultures, people etc… it will benefit you a great deal in the creative process when constructing a new song/project.

If you are like me then you need to travel with your music, ipad, instrumentals, speakers, everything. For me, mostly my headphones and cell phone will do, but sometimes I need to feel the vibes and want to get as close to that studio feel as possible.

I am lucky enough to have a shorty who supports this whole music thing that I got going on and noticed that when we hit the road the whole creative process somewhat stops. Now nothing can compare to the studio setting, music blasting, producers working, girls twerking lol, nahh, but being in the setting makes it easier to produce content.

So when I travel I need a quality sound, and something loud enough to get me in the zone and that’s where the BOSE SOUNDLINK comes in. If you are a true artist or just a casual listener who doesn’t like to compromise the integrity of their music, then you absolutely need this device.


- Speaker can reach up to 30 feet easy, and if you want a deeper more fuller sound access the SOUNDLINK APP and you will be able to manipulate the speaker for it to sound even more crazy

- Aluminum Body

- Battery lasts 12 hours

- *If you have two BOSE SOUNDLINK speakers you can activate party playback mode for double the sound. (That’s seems a little to much for me but hey)

Check out the video of the device – you won’t be able to experience the speakers’ full capacity but listen to the quality. Remember this is being recorded but you can still get a gist of the great quality.




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