How Nick Cannon Amassed His Fortune!


I am always looking for inspiration/motivation to keep me going. Being an entrepreneur you understand the monotony of the grind and some days it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Listening to those experiences from entrepreneurs who been down this path before me keep me assured that I am doing this for the right reasons as well as experiencing similar emotions they too felt.

Like most of our favorite entrepreneurs Nick Cannon has a rags to riches story and remembers that feeling of being in constant grind mode




Here are his TOP 10 Must Do’s in order to become a successful entrepreneur:


10. Be Self Motivated

Do not let anyone deter you away from your goals and aspirations, you must wake up believing that everything will manifest.

9. Have Confidence.

Believe in what you do, if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will.


They been telling you this since middle school, be your own person. Everyone else is already taken, be your own person.

7. Learn From Others.

There is an expression “Nothing new under the Sun” meaning what you are trying to accomplish or going through has already been done.

Seek a mentor, someone that will help you grow.


If you don’t grind for your dream, do not expect the next person to.

5. Be Optimistic

You have envision yourself at the top, perception is real. If you believe that you are a winner then you already won.

4. Do Not Give Up

The reason it is called the “grind” because it is hard, but always remember the dream and why you started.

3. Create Great Content

Great context will always be highlighted, when you create great content other avenues will open up not just the traditional ones.

2. Stay Driven

No explanation necessary.


Remember this is your dream every day you work at it makes you one step closer. Have fun with it.



Listen to Nick Explain His Top 10 Must Do’s in his own words:

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Just in time for National Poetry Month, Nick Cannon, entertainer extraordinaire, debuts his poetry book for children.


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