The pectoralis major, pectoralis minor and the serratus anterior make up the chest muscle(s).

One of the most sought after beach muscles – the primary function of the chest is to enable us to push objects.

Here is a little known fact about chest exercises. ANY chest exercise you perform will work the entire area of the chest, however certain chest exercises stimulate certain areas better.

Because the chest muscles are thin they shouldn’t be trained consecutively, if you are lifting heavy - give yourself two days rest before hitting that area again.

I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH – proper training, proper nutrition and  adequate rest is the only way to experience positive gains. If anyone tells you differently they are scamming you (Unless its steroid use lol)



The Top 5 Exercises for a Massive Chest!



1. Barbell Bench Press

This should not come as a surprise, this exercise is classic, great for brute strength and hits all areas of the chest.

Many exercises have very complex techniques and forms but not this one, very easy to master make sure to increase weight as you become stronger and more confident.


2. Incline Barbell Bench Press

As stated earlier if you are trying to get that big massive chest then you need to incorporate the Incline Barbell Bench Press to your workout regimen.

The incline allows for the weight to sit more on the front delts – all you need to know stimulating the front delts will make your boobs look bigger.



3. Cable Flys

This is what we call a single-joint exercise, meaning, (ISOLATON). Isolation is great because the muscle get worked through its full range of motion. In laymen’s terms – your muscle is getting greatly worked when performing this exercise

Start with high reps to get comfortable with stabilizing your arms and only go heavy when you have mastered the technique.



4. Incline Dumbbell Pull-Over

Again another single-joint movement exercise.

This exercise will also burn your chest if done properly, make sure not to bend or extend your elbows.

You can perform this exercise first to wake your pecs up with a nice burn.



5. Dips

For the dip to hit your lower chest you must keep your feet behind you and lean forward when performing this exercise.

I like to incorporate dips as a super-set, it is a great way to add emphasis to the pump in between, and at the end of your workouts.



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