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You want to get your music on Spotify but don’t know how to do so, today I will walk you through the steps of getting you music picked up by the platform.

Even though we live in the era where everything is mostly do it your-self there are services/platforms which are still exclusive and Spotify is one of them. Unlike SoundCloud there are certain parameters that must be taken before a track can be streamed.

Here are the steps to getting your music streamed on Spotify:

You first have to submit/sign-up to a Music Distribution Service. A Music Distributor Company is the link between your music and the consumer. Yes you can use platforms like your own website or SoundCloud but these companies are not recognized by Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify and other major streaming services. Which ultimately mean YOU WILL NOT GET PAID when someone steams, plays or downloads your content.



List of validated Music Distributors:


CD Baby


Ditto Music


Record Union





The Orchard (they work with labels only)

AWAL (selected applications only)


  1. Sign up as an Artist on the above listed Music Distributors. (Just choose one)
  2. Upload your music.
  3. Add the Meta Data
    1. Album Name
    2. Artist Name
    3. Song Title
    4. Copyright Information
    5. Writer
    6. Engineer/Producer
    7. Publisher
  4. Add Album/Song Artwork


Here is the hard part, the Music Distribution Company is now responsible for placing your music on Spotify. If you are not a “popular” artist then your music is low in the ranking and will not accrue a lot of spins/streams.  If your goal is to make it in this industry then work on building your brand as well as awareness.


Keep Grinding


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