Gary Vaynerchuk: The Master Key To Success!


They’re very few entrepreneurs, entertainers, moguls etc…who drop real jewels. I understand that knowledge is power and certain individuals thrive off hoarding information. But when you are coming from nothing, all you have is hope plus a dream and someone is willing to bestow free game you simply shut up and listen.

Gary Vaynerchuk the American entrepreneur (from Jersey) is a guy who is willing to give you game for free which is rare in any industry. I have highlighted the main points from his interview with COMPLEX Magazine on the secrets to success – when you read it you’ll see that it is not rocket science.




Gary V’s Secrets to Success:

Clouds & Dirt = Mindset vs Execution

  • Clouds - The “clouds” is your brain/mindset, the reason why you are doing what you are doing. Some people are only chasing money not really wanting to add value only seeing the life that they want to live
  • Dirt – Is the grind, one of Gary’s favorite lines of wisdom is telling those that they must learn how to “love to eat sh*t” in other words, fall in love with the process. You will have to grind years in order to receive the lifestyle you are looking for. “A lot of people have ideas but a lot of people do not have the execution” - Gary V.


More Dope Quotes:

The way to get true admiration is to cause an impact.

Do not be afraid of high risk because with high risk comes great reward.

To keep the drive and sustain the hunger you must learn to ignore your accomplishments, be aware that they are there, but never embody your achievements and let them affect you.

The reason most people fail is because they are chasing a lifestyle that their love/passion doesn’t support.

 Piece of Advice:

Learn to forego monetary gain to build your value, meaning; whatever field you are in pick out someone who you admire and work for free for them. Remember earlier, knowledge is power, sacrificing time for valuable knowledge is nonparallel just imagine the leveraging power you would have.


Click the Video below to Watch the Full Interview:




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