Motivational Monday - FORGET THE I ODDS - I BET ON ME!

The Importance Of Investing In Yourself.



I seen a quote the other day and it read “the fastest way to success is to bet on yourself”, when I thought about everyone who was successful by my definition; they have a peace of mind, knowledge of self-worth, financially free etc… I asked myself, what makes them different from any one else and the answer was simple – they took a chance on themselves.


Every day I meet brilliant individuals who are un-happy and complacent in their current situation and would rather let fear dictate the course of their life.


When you start to realize that God has given you the power to take control over your destiny you begin to view life through a different lens. Now, nothing worth having comes without sacrifice, hard-work, perseverance and a winning mindset but everything is obtainable if is mean for you.



Here are some principles that I keep on constant reminder to keep my mental intact:


  1. PRAY – If you are not spiritual that’s cool that’s your choice, but I do know that there is someone bigger than us who is responsible for creation. I need to constantly align myself and realize that it is already set up for me to succeed I just must walk in God’s presence. After all, if God is for me than who can be against me.


  1. VISUALIZE – You have the power to manifest your thoughts into reality – so plan it out. Some people like to utilize a vision board, having something that they can view everyday as a daily reminder. Be sure to list your short-term goals as well, whatever you are trying to accomplish is a marathon crush the short benchmarks in order to get to the major milestones. Progression is progression even if it is a baby step.


  1. ATTITUDE – Whatever journey you are on please remember that growing requires for us to be uncomfortable, and when we are uncomfortable we tend to complain. Fear, doubt and negativity are all emotions we can control – when you are feeling low, defeated or unmotivated find a way to disconnect, reset and recharge.


  1. PERSISTENT/CONSISTENT – This is the hardest skill to master, it is in our human nature to want fast results. The only thing I can say here is to take a quote from Joel Embiid trust the process and never compare your journey with someone else’s. Stay consistent as well as persistent and watch your dreams manifest.





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