Dopest Sneakers In The Rap Game!

Sneakers are to Hip-Hop as John Lennon is to the Beatles, they go together and you cannot have one without the other. Since the birth of Hip Hop fashion and footwear have always played an important role in defining an artist.

Why sneakers though? Sneakers become a part of your personality they are more than just a fashion statement it’s aspirational, you truly are wearing a piece of history on your feet.

There are a lot of sneakers which has emerged through the years today we be looking at the TOP 6 Classic Sneakers in HIP HOP from past till present.



Adidas Superstar

In 1986 Run - DMC release a record called “My Adidas” and the whole New York City went crazy. Paired with Adidas track suits and no laces made the Adidas Superstar Basketball Sneaker a household item for all young Hip Hop lovers. Sales skyrocketed so high the company partnered with the group and gave them their own signature sneaker. #Dope



Converse All Stars, Chuck Taylor’s

 First of all who is Chuck Taylor and why is this basic sneaker so popular?


Chuck Taylor was a shoe salesman, he loved the game of basketball and claimed to have played in the ABA (back then that was equivalent to the NBA) but there has not been any documentation confirming his claim. Because Chuck Taylor sold so many pairs of sneakers they put his name in the  Converse All Star Logo.


The Converse All Stars really gained their popularity in the 80’s on the West Coast, it became a distinctive feature in gang culture. Bloods wore red, Crips wore blue and if you were neutral or just liked the look you wore black. Artist & groups such as N.W.A, Snoop Dogg, Daz, Corrupt etc...helped Converse solidify the All Stars place in Hip-Hop forever.



Jordan Brand



For this particular spot we could not choose one individual sneaker in regards to the Nike Air Jordan. When Nike  dropped the commercial in 1984 confirming that the NBA banned the Red & Black Jordan 1’s because the sneakers did not match the Chicago Bulls color uniformity sales went crazy and have been  booming ever since. The Nike Jordan Brand has been a staple in Hip Hop culture ever since Michael Jordan stepped into the league.


Nike Cortez

This classic sneaker originally hit the market in the 1970’s but really became popular in late 70’s and early 80’s. The shoes was very popular early on in West Coast because of its comfortability and color scheme. Even though this kick has lost its luster over the years the Nike Cortez’s place in history is solidified.



Air Force One


The Hustler Shoe - like most of the sneakers on this list Air Forces were initially for basketball in 1982. I tried to do some research on who was the first one to popularize the sneaker but couldn’t find anything. Going off my memory Jay-Z was the first mainstream rapper I heard spitting about Air Forces, not to long after Nelly had a SMASH single titled AF1 (Air Force Ones). Air forces are as not as popular as before but still are worn by plenty individuals in and outside the hiphop culture. The dopest thing about Forces is that they come in many different colorways making it easy to swag out your outfit.


The rule of thumb when purchasing Air Forces - NEVER purchase the Mids or as Jim Jones would say “we don’t do the 3 Quarters” only the lows and the highs.



Yeezy Boost 350 v2


Hate or love Kanye his sneaker is definitely the sneaker of this generation. Originally with Nike Kayne left the brand after being denied creative control over his sneaker designs. Since with Adidas he has managed to make the most sought after sneaker of this generation. On top of being fashionable the “Boost” material makes wearing his sneakers feel like you are walking on a cloud. With plenty of colorways you will be able to easily put together a dope fit.


Those are our Top Classic Hip Hop Kicks, if you are a sneaker head like me then I’m sure you have a least one pair of each one.


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