This post will be for the serious artist I constantly get asked “when is the correct time to purchase the exclusive rights to a beat/instrumental. 

There is no right or wrong answer to this question - I will provide facts as well as experiences and from your analysis you can be the judge to see if purchasing a lease to a beat vs. the exclusive rights is the right decision for you. 


 What are the rights associated with both:


 Lease: You have an agreement with the producer to use the beat for a duration of time - in that time a certain numbers of units can be sold for profit (ONLY DOWNLOADS).

Also, if other artist wanted to lease the same exact beat they have the ability to do so as well.

Leases usually cost anywhere from $10 - $60 dollars, the cap on the number of units sold ranges from 2000 - 5000, you are not allowed to place the song on the radio, it does not qualify for royalties and lastly you will only receive the MP3 file not the full musical track-out.

Exclusive: You own ALL RIGHTS to the beat meaning you can sell it anywhere – there is not a limit on the amount of units that can be sold. (DOWNLOADS, STREAMS ETC…)

You will receive a WAV file with the full track-out of the beat.

Prices for the Exclusive Rights are based on the Producers discretion, a local SoundClick Producer can charge between $100 - $5,000. While a distinguished producer may charge between $5k - $50k

*FYI the more notable you become as an artist the producer will want a piece of the Publishing because that is another form of getting paid.

Even though you are paying a lofty difference for the Exclusive beat you are also paying for the creation a song. Have you ever wondered why Artist sound in pocket when they are rhyming or singing? It is because the producer has tailor made that beat to the lyrics and delivery.  When you purchase an exclusive beat reach out to the producer let them know your thoughts and ideas for the track - it should be a collaborative effort.

Here is my suggestion for when to purchase the Exclusive Beat Rights:

  • Full Song - Compose a full song, freestyles are cool but the replay value is short lived – people want to connect will a full body of work.
  • Music Video - Shoot a music video, in this era you must have a visual. The first thing people do when they hear a new song from a new artist is Youtube. They want to see who you are!
  • Promote/Marketing – If you do not plan on promoting your song for 0 – 6 months (this is the least) then do not purchase the Exclusive Rights.
  • Consistency – If you are not in this game for the love then don’t waste your money disappointing potential fans is the worst they will be expecting more music and if you are looking for a quick flip then stick the MP3’s
  • Distributors – The point of purchasing the Exclusive Rights is to distribute the music across all platforms, if you do not submit your music to a music distributor who will place your music on these platform do not purchase.


Welcome to the industry, you are now an Independent Artist, stay consistent, stay focused, and stay motivated.



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