If you do not know America is very much a capitalistic society, one of the many reasons why people from all over the world migrate here. You have the ability to obtain wealth no matter your age, race, gender or creed. The flip-side is that if you possess a unique skill or ability soiled individuals will exploit your gifts for personal gain.


There is no doubt that Hip Hop is a Black Man’s culture and has been since its inception, but other ethnic groups have profited immensely off the culture and genre. So, what is a culture vulture and why is being one a problem or is it a problem?



Culture Vulture / kəlCHər - ˈvəl-chər / – One who is “usually” from outside a culture who is profiting from within that culture where they couldn’t do it with inside their own culture.


*Please Note there are many different nuances when describing a culture vulture:

  • You can be a culture vulture within your own culture, there are many individuals who do not wish to add value but to only seek to profit.
  • You can be from outside the culture and even though you profit from the culture you have a genuine interest and want to add value to it.


It boils down to intentions – if your intent is to solely use a culture for profit, clout or recognition then you are a predator with a lack of respect for that culture.


However, if your intent is to add positive value, cultivate a voice/sound, or shed light in supportive way and you happen to be outside a culture, you still are culture vulture, but your intentions are good.




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