2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen = WATER (HOW TO DRINK WATER)


There are so many overly complex fitness tips that individuals negate doing what is essential. Cold pressed green juices are dope (ask Styles and Jada) Kombucha Teas are a great source of probiotics, but water is at the top of the hill when it comes to beverages.


Your entire anatomy thrives off this property it is also a major component of your organs:


Brain 73% water

Heart 73% water

Lungs 83% water

Skin 64% water

Muscles 79% water

Skin 64% water

Kidneys 79% water


The overall genetic makeup of the human body is comprised of 60% water, besides rehydrating when you are thirsty this super beverage plays a vital role in the human composition.


Lubricant – Did you know that water acts like a cushion between your joints and spinal cord, it is imperative to maintain optimum levels to help joints move with ease as well as added protection to the spinal cord.


Digestion – Enzymes are a key functions to digestion, enzymes are found in saliva, the major property of saliva is water. With the help of water, fiber and other key nutrients easily breaking down and dissolving waste making it easier to pass the stool sample.


Dehydration – Your body loses water in various ways, climate, exercise, illness, body weight etc…If not treated properly extreme cases of dehydration can cause fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth, dry tongue, even death.


Every individual is different but the rule of thumb is a half of gallon of water a day stick to that and you’ll be doing the minimum (feel free to do more).


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